Official Artwork for Both the TV Series and OVAs DVD are here!

Today Discotek Media posted the official artwork for both the TV Series Collection and the OVA Collection on their Facebook page. Check them out all their splendor!

Click on the images to see the full size image on my photobucket account. When on photobucket, move your mouse over the image and click the zoom icon to see the full size.

Official YST TV Series Artwork Official OVA DVD Artwork

Discotek Media also once again confirmed that the Complete TV Series will be the Japanese Language version with English subtitles. “We are still working on clearing the Ronin Warriors TV that will be a separate release if cleared.

And don’t worry I will be posting information about pre-ordering these when the information becomes available. That info will be in a future blog post. 🙂

See further updates under RW/YST News category.

Update: More OVA images found on Twitter.

OVA-offical-full OVA-disk-image

Update: 3/30/15 – TV Series artwork (official): Source Twitter 1 and 2

TV Series Discs

TV Series cover

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  1. Wow. The discs and the cover layout look astounding with a few flaws in editing on the OVA cover. The discs though! Gorgeous! Much better than the double-sided garbage Bandai gave us.


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