Soul of the Seasons is 20 years old!


Champagne glasses and fireworks

Soul of Seasons is now 20 years old! It’s officially old enough to drink in Japan!

I think this calls for some appropriate music.

I have to admit, the highlight over the past year has been Richard Newman (voice actor for Cale) joining Twitter and Facebook. His lines still have a way to send delightful chills down my back. Also it’s always good to see the voice actors from the series continuing to work on in other projects. And, you know, Cale is my favorite Warlord. So seeing Mr. Newman post updates gives me a certain glee.

Website Updates:

Previous fanart posts have been condensed and now use numbers for titles. Each post will have around 20 fanart pictures – sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. If you go to the fanart posts via the navigation bar, you will see the first three pieces of artwork on each post followed by a “Read more” link. Be sure to click on that to see the full post.

Also another fanart post has been added. I hope you enjoy it!

And of course thank you everyone who has stuck by me and this site all these years.

Happy Birthday







1 thought on “Soul of the Seasons is 20 years old!”

  1. Not only drink, but can also buy smokes and get married without your permission.
    Welcome to adulthood, SOS (now go get a job). ~~~~┌(;゚д゚)┘

    Anyways, wishing your site, and you personally, a happy and prosperous year! Not to mention many more SOS birthdays (and maybe another 20 years on the net? – wow, now that’s that’s a mind-blowing concept to think of… who knows). 😀

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