Soul of the Seasons turns 19!

birthday-739140_640We’re so old, our birthday candles create a small bonfire.

So I’ve calculated that I have spent half of my life working on this site now. (At least in a little over a month and a half.) Some of you are figuring out how old I am. Others are realizing how old I was when I found this series back in the summer of 1995. 😉

Since this website’s last birthday:

  • Lots of doujinshi images and information added
  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers TV Series and OVAs re-released on DVD.
  • Reflected on Bandai’s DVD releases.
  • Reviewed Discotek’s releases.
  • Added more wallpapers
  • Started making blog posts of fanart found on Pixiv
  • 159 followers on my Tumblr. Yay!


  • More fanart blog posts.
  • New wallpaper. You’ll find it under the Group Wallpaper heading.
  • I’m also working on a few more things, but it requires a lot of scanning. So that’ll be coming sometime in the future.

Thank you all who have visited my site over the years. If there’s anything you’d like to see, comment below. I might be able to manage it, depending on what it is. Translations are out though since I’m very far from being fluent in Japanese.

Also if there are any other forums, sites, or social network places where the RW/YST fandom resides that I should be aware of, let me know. It’s awesome to have found so many fans on Flickr. I just don’t know if there are other places online that any of you like to use. (Basically other places where it would be good for me or my site to have an online presence.)

Next year, the big two-oh.


1 thought on “Soul of the Seasons turns 19!”

  1. お誕生日おめでとうぅ...ございました!!҉ ҉┗( ^o^)┛≡┏(^o^)┓≡┗(^o^ )┛҉ ҉

    Wow, now I’m feeling old! My site celebrated it’s 17th birthday over the summer (as for my age, well… let’s just say I was the “little kids demographic” that YST was trying to aim for back in the 80s).

    As for forums, one that I check out is an Italian one called “I Cinque Samurai Forum (… I linked it because someone from there asked me if I could make a version of Arago in my “Maple Story character” GIFs). Of course, I can’t read it (Italian is not my first or second language)… but, it’s cool to see what other countries say/like when it comes to YST (well, when I use Google Translate, that is).

    I’m not sure if that’s the type of social forum you’re looking for… but it’s a pretty active place, if only just to watch. But, yes… I like seeing the Japanese Tumblr art (Japanese kids these days aren’t too aware of YST and seeing modern fanart makes me feel that it’s not completely gone for good).

    Oh-no… *thank you* for having such a wonderful Mashou site that’s still going strong after all these years!! Do take care…

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