Website Update 6/7/15

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. Last month I was dealing with a lot of personal issues relating to my father’s passing earlier this year. Last month would have been his birthday. Also near the end of the month I did a fundraising walk for the National Kidney Foundation. We managed to have people donate enough money to raise $400 for our walk!

This month will probably also cause me some anguish. I have to change the radio station any time there’s a mention of Father’s Day. I have to delete emails from companies mentioning Father’s Day sales and the like. (I don’t dare look at them.) Besides that, I think I’m just managing to finally start to put my life back together. It’s enough that at least I’m at the point of sitting down again, scheduling things, and making plans. It helps that the seasonal farmers markets have started up in nearby towns, along with Food Truck night events as well. Getting out and having some fun really helps.

  • Added a new doujnshi title to the Doujinshi Pictures page.
  • Corrected/updated a title on the Doujinshi Pictures page.
  • Corrected some information on Cale/Anubisu’s info page. (Corrected translation of the name of the Mutsu province.)
    All translation corrections were thanks to Welcome to Edo!
  • Put up my review of Discotek Media’s TV Series Collection of Samurai Troopers.
  • Started making Fanart blog posts and added that blog post category to my navigation menu. (See “Fanart.”) I have a long way to go for adding things. And right now the menu just has the category of Pixiv, for fanart I’ve found there. I’ve been making posts by artist and posting their Mashou and Kayura related fanart. We’ll see how it goes. I can tweak things later if I have to.

As always thanks for the views, comments, and support.