Website Update 7/8/15

  • Added a new Doujinshi title. I also added some back covers of some doujinshi I own, and one nice entire doujinshi cover image. (See 3rd volume of Holy Naaza Empire.)
  • Updated/Revised this Naaza wallpaper.
    Wallpaper of cover of 3rd volume of Holy Naaza Empire.
    Better image since I was able to scan it, better color background. Just much nicer looking. Please download the latest wallpaper version.
  • Please don’t forget to periodically check the fanart. I’m slowly posting what I find there. I’m still going through art found on For ease of loading, I’m showing the first 1 or 2 pieces of fanart as a preview for each post. Keep an eye out for any text saying, “** Click here to see more artwork from this artist. **” You’ll want to click on that to see the full blog post.

Sorry there aren’t more updates.

  1. I’m dealing with the sinus infection from hell. Over 2 weeks and I still have fluid behind my left ear. And I can’t take a decongestant because they have a stimulant and I’m very sensitive to stimulants.
  2. My husband is starting a new job next week. It involves a lot of travel. I’ve been spending time with my husband before he leaves. Also I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning in my free time. I need to get as much cleaning in as I can before my husband starts his job. That way I have one less thing to worry about or have to deal with. With my husband gone for work I’ll be just me taking care of our cats, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Once again thank you for everyone who visits this page, especially those who have contacted me and left really nice comments. I’m glad you enjoy my website. It’s especially nice to see all the visitors outside the US. 🙂 Thank you for your support.