Website Update 7/4/16

Many thanks to Welcome to Edo again for translating the Unknown Title Doujinshis. I am still going through the email with all of the translations. For now everything has been added to their proper place alphabetically except for the Unknown Group and Unknown Mashou covers. I’ve just run out of time and my eyes are getting very tired.

Welcome to Edo found more things that were official books and non-doujinshi items,  so I added a new page called Other Book Publications. The official Shuten book by Sunrise has been moved to this page, along with 2 other titles. As I said I’m still going through the long email so there may be more things that need to be added to the new page. Either way, at this point a new page was needed to separate these books from doujinshis.

Also some doujinshis have been listed as Confirmed Yaoi and May Contain Yaoi. This does not mean doujinshi titles lacking this note are not Yaoi. I just have noted ones I’ve been able to confirm. (All Death Powder that weren’t officially confirmed have the “may contain” label. This is because Death Powder tends to make Yaoi doujinshi.)

So for now enjoy the new information available until I can get the rest of the information up.