YST TV Series DVD Available for Pre-Order!

Websites have started listing the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers TV Series DVD for pre-order. The retail price will be $59.95. I’ll update this list as more information comes in. Current sale prices are as of this blog post and thus may change.

Direct links may or may not work. I’m not sure if the URLs I’m finding are temporary or permanent. If the direct links do not work, go to each retailer’s main page and search for Samurai Troopers TV.

Remember that this DVD set is Japanese language with English subtitles only. Discotek Media is still working out issues for the license of the dub Ronin Warriors. If those issues are resolved, Ronin Warriors will come out as a separate DVD set.

TV Series DVD COver

Amazon.comDirect link. Current price $59.95

Barnesandnoble.comDirect link. Current price $52.88

Bestbuy.comDirect link. Current price $42.99

CDuniverse.comDirect link. Current price $42.95

Deepdiscount.comDirect link. Current price $46.60

Discotek MediaDirect link. Current price $39.95

Fye.comDirect link. Current price $50.98

Rakuten.comDirect link. Current price $35.03

Rightstufanime.comDirect link. Current price: $36.99



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