Website Update 4/12/15

I edited all the Dark Warlord/Mashou and Kayura bios and information. I actually started updating them on March 31st. I just put the finishing touches up today.

Basically thanks to Welcome to Edo and their translations we have some extra information about these characters. We have information about what the name the providence they were born in used to be called. (Since they all changed names over the centuries.) Good for those who are just curious, have an interest in Japanese history, or fanfic writers. 😀

We also have a range of when the Dark Warlords/Mashou joined Talpa/Arago. (1563-1565) So I added possible physical ages both when they joined, and their ages during the TV series. Again they’re ranges so we don’t have precise ages. (Drat.) But Anubis/Shuten did join last (the one Mashou cassette drama confirms this), so we can guesstimate his approximate age a bit more. Look at each of their bio pages and you’ll see what I mean. I tried to make it as clear as possible.

As you can tell from this post, I’m slowly working my way out of hiatus. This past Friday was the 1 month anniversary of my father’s death and I took it very hard that night. I still have times when I mourn which leave me emotionally and physically drained. I get depressed and it’s difficult sometimes to push through that and do things that need to be done. So thank you to everyone for being patient and understanding with me.

Don’t forget, the Samurai Troopers TV series DVD collection comes out near the end of this month!

Also one final and important thing. I am doing a walk on May 30th for the National Kidney Foundation in honor of my father. (He had renal failure at the end, and years ago was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease.) It’s a fundraising walk to help get funds for the National Kidney Foundation. As such I am looking for donations for our team. (I will be walking with my husband Giuliano.) Even a donation like $5 is wonderful to give. So please give if you can to help this great cause. Thank you so much.
Atlanta Kidney Walk donation progress

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  1. I suspected that it had to be Sengoku era (because that was one insanely long warring periods at that time)

    I hope you’re doing alright!

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