Website Update 5/23/16

Doujinshi doujinshi doujinshi! Again!

I finally finished going through Samurai Reflection’s Flickr doujinshi cover album. Some of the doujinshis had English titles, or titles I could translate. So they were added to the appropriate doujinshi page according to title (alphabetical). Others have been added to the Unknown Title Doujinshi page. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of images added.

I’m going on vacation this weekend with my husband. It’s the first vacation that we’ve had in years. I’m thinking it’s been around 8 years or so. We will be gone the long weekend. (For those not in the US, this coming Monday is Memorial Day. Quite a few people have the day off, with the usual exceptions of retail, emergency services, etc.) We will be visiting the Great Smoky Mountains for the first time. I’ve jotted down some places to go, but other than that we plan to buzz around and just enjoy the area. So I’m looking forward to some nice relaxing, unwinding, and stress reduction time. Hopefully I’ll come back rejuvenated!

Also I’ve been lax on uploading those Spring photos I promised a while back. So here they are.


Anyway I hope you enjoy the updates! 🙂