Yoroiden Samurai Troopers TV Series DVD Release Date Announced!

Official YST TV Series Artwork

The Yoroiden Samurai Troopers TV Series DVD Collection will be released on April 28th. Retail price will be $59.95. As I have done for the OVA Collection, I will make a separate post for when the TV series is available for pre-order.

Also if any additional images for the TV series set get published, I will edit this blog post and add those images.

Please remember that this set will be the Japanese version only with English subtitles.

Still no word on any progress with Discotek getting the license for the Ronin Warriors dub. I recall fairly recently reading online that the English dub was changed/edited so it could not fit on the same DVD as the original Japanese version. So the dub would have needed to be released separately anyway.

Update: 3/30/15 – TV Series artwork (official): Source Twitter 1 and 2

TV Series Discs

TV Series cover

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  1. ahahahadlfkjadfkjdad I’ve got this on preorder from right-stuf.com for $36 (for some reason it’s cheaper there)


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