Boys of Summer Art Challenge (2021)

The post below is from samuraireflections.

Hi everyone!

June is around the corner and we’re doing the Boys of Summer Challenge again.

Originally, the challenge was to draw one piece of fanart every day for the month of June. And you can still do that, if that’s the challenge you want, but it has now evolved in hopes that more fans feel included and will participate.

The goal of the challenge is just to generate more YST/RW fanworks in June for all of us to enjoy, be it 1 or 30. Here are the guidelines:

1. ANY type of fan work is welcome: art, fics, drabbles, memes, screen cap edits, whatever you want.

2. You choose your challenge. If you want to try for one a day, go for it. If you don’t think you can do more than two a week, then make that your goal. We are all busy, so you set a goal that is something you can accomplish with your schedule.

3. Have fun! And please join us in the Samurai Reflections discord to see what everyone else has cooked up:

You can also post on Tumblr with the #BOS hashtag.

Looking forward to seeing everyone participating!

Happy birthday to the Ogre/Oni Warlord/Mashou!

Anubis aka Shuten Douji aka Toshitada Koma was born today in 1551.


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

6-8 – (LOTS more fanart on this one.)


~Shinjuba~ (aka: a little island made by a big YST/RW nerd)

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(aka: a little island made by a big YST/RW nerd)

Okay, SO…..this has been an ongoing project ever since I got Animal Crossing: New Horizons last year. I started out making Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors custom designs for my character to wear, then later got inspired to build shrines around my island using those same custom designs. Each shrine is based on characters throughout the series and from the OVAs. More will probably be added if inspiration strikes again!

The dream address for my island is DA-9249-2490-9836 for those who have the game and would like to visit.

For those who don’t have ACNH (or don’t mind seeing spoilers), there are photos below the cut that show everything I’ve made on the island so far! :3

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Major Update in progress – broken gallery images (Edit: Done)

Soooo.. for a while now I’ve been having problems with a WordPress plugin that I used for image galleries. Well it finally got to the point that I had to disable it. I’m currently looking for alternative plugins that will work, and thus having to recreate the image galleries on my site one at a time. Needless to say this will be a long process.

So if you see code in places images should be, yeah that’s the disabled old plugin at work. Hopefully I can find a good replacement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Long story: The old plugin stopped updating a while ago. I’ve been meaning to look into this but haven’t had the dedicated time it would take. It kinda looks like maybe the creator changed, or the company handling it changed. Either way my lifetime license was no longer working for me and I wasn’t getting updates. I tried a while back to contact the creator and reach out, explaining my situation, but never heard back. So I’m a bit leery of buying a license AGAIN if the plugin keeps causing me issues and seeming lack of contact or even trying to work with me. So at this point an alternative would be a better choice, even if I have to manually fix everything.

Everything fixed so far:

All “Series Pictures” pages are fixed.

All wallpapers are back up. For mine I only put back up the larger wallpaper size as that just made things easier for me.

Merchandise – Other book publications and Toys, etc are updated.

I noted the new plugin does crop the thumbnails. I’m not sure if there’s a way to change this in settings. For now I’m just trying to get images back up.

I’m taking a break before tackling all the doujinshi pages. Those will take a while.

November 2nd:

Woke up, fed cats, had breakfast, listened to some YST soundtrack songs to get in the mood and began again today.

Doujinshi A – C is done.

The new plugin definitely crops in a landscape mode, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that. I hope it looks good enough to everyone. I’ve tried to find other plugins but all their screenshots show landscape images. So there’s no telling any of those will work any better.

Doujinshi D – F and Doujinshi G – I are done.

Doujinshi J – M are done.

And I’m stopping for the night. Hopefully everything will be back up tomorrow.

November 3rd:

Doujinshi N – S and Doujinshi T – Z are done.

With that all the image galleries on the site should be replaced. If you find any stragglers, feel free to contact me.

Again thank you for your patience.