Oni Masho Shiten model

Now available on aliexpress, Oni Masho Shiten, aka the Warlord of Cruelty Anubis, a resin bootleg model.

This is definitely not made by Bandai and definitely not authorized by Sunrise. It also doesn’t move, but it is really cool to see! I’m not affiliated with the company that made it, so if you really want it for $450, buy at your own risk; then share some pictures! <3

I love the Mashou. Buuuut it’s not a $450 kind of love. For that price I can get the Blu-ray. I’m glad this exists but yeaaah…

Nakano Broadway Gallery exhibit-exclusive goodies

More previews!

Check out these pics of the Nakano Broadway Gallery exhibit-exclusive goodies! In the first picture we have, on the top row first two items, cellphone cases. Next to them appear to be two pass-cases. On the row below, first two items are the portable batteries. Next to/under the portable battery appears to be a hard case, possibly containing a mirror.

The following images are of the acrylic figures!

So exciting!


New product previews!

We’ve got a new update from Animate, the store that will be hosting the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers-themed pop-up shops! Check out the preview pics of the 30th anniversary products:

Starting from the upper left: we’ve got previews of 5 of the 10 character pins. To the right of the pins: previews of the 12 clear files. To the right of the clear files: an image of the blanket, and last on the top row: a new product: “masking tape”, or what possibly Washi tape.

On the bottom row, from the left: the phone case. To the right of the phone case: the hard-cover business card case. In the middle of the bottom row: the nine armor insignias as decals. Right of the decals: a “mobile battery”, and lastly: Seiji’s pumpkin soup.

And just for fun, here’s a promo image of all 5 troopers looking very kawaii!

source 1, source 2

More Pop-up Shop Merch Previews

Looks like there are some stickers:

And a hard-cover card case with prints:

And possibly a cellphone/wallet case, pins (including the Masho!), and something else Seiji’s pumpkin soup:

And a blanket!

So exciting!


Hopefully we’ll get a better (cough-any-cough) photo of the Mashou buttons/pins. I’m kind of amused the one we see the most of in these photos is Rajura, the illusionist. You can see a bit of Anubisu’s hair peek out on one photo, he’s under Seiji. I also can’t help but wonder if they included Kayura or not.

I guess this means the Doku armor symbol is officially supposed to face left. I’ve seen it face both left and right in other YST merchandise.

Man I wish I could get my hands on this Mashou merch. (Drools.)

Tenku-themed sake

Touma-themed sake anyone? A brewery in Amanohashidate is celebrating the 30th Anniversary with a special box and card highlighting the temple that the troopers visited while searching for Tenku.

It’s set for release at the Sunrise Festival, September 8th, 2018! Preorders appear to be open now, but I have no idea if they’d ship outside of Japan.


We seriously need Doku sake. ?

(Yes I know this isn’t Dark Warlord/Mashou nor Kayura related, but it’s still cool. And seriously, Doku sake. Forbidden in the Mortal Realm.)

Sunrise Festival merchandise

Part 2 of this year’s Sunrise Festival has officially begun, which includes screenings of select episodes of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and the release of new, limited merchandise on September 8th, 2018, in an event called “Midnight Party”, a reference to a song the whole cast sang on one of their cds!

The goodies shown here appear to be flags for each of the troopers (google translate says they’re “climbs”?), pins of each insignia, key-chains, and an A4 clear file.

According to the blue bird, (in a tweet I can no longer find) there’s a limit on how many of each item a single person may buy. Fingers crossed that it’s not true!


I want all the chibi Mashou keychains. ?